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Talk | Growing for Good

We're pleased to offer this event as part of our Constance Spry Public Programme.

Join Sunny from Edible London, Frances from Floral Angels and Olivia from Bread & Roses discuss the ways in which they have created opportunities for social change through food and flowers. Each organisation creates diverse communities through food and flowers and promotes wellbeing through the connection to nature in the urban. Edible London and Floral Angels use flowers and vegetables that previously would have been thrown away. Bread & Roses create opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers learn a new skill in floristry, gain confidence and to learn more about local support services through information sessions.

This event will be recorded and all ticketholders will receive a link to this recording after the event.


  • Sunny - Edible London

    Sunny - Edible London

    Community leader, visionary and unstoppable force with a big heart. Edible London’s founder Sunny has unlimited passion for creating unity and justice in our community through growing and sharing food. Since founding Edible London, he changed his lifestyle and never looked back. As CEO of Edible London and a leader in the community, he is responsible for nurturing not only his staff but all those involved in actions equally. He wants to make Edible London regenerative and sustainable in every term.
    Edible London has become a keystone organisation within the community. Every day people express their humble praise and acknowledgment for the organisation. The support these people receive doesn’t only help tackle food poverty but also nourishes people’s minds. Sunny is in awe of the positive impact that his organisation had on the community, but also the impact that the community has had on him. It has given him a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed every day. The fulfilment that he gets from his “work” has redefined the meaning of the word. He shifted his projection and understanding of the world by prioritizing the people and the planet with Zero Waste campaigns and plant-based meals.
    One of his greatest achievements is the creation of Edible London. His inspiration originates from a fig tree he and his father planted and watched grow during the years. That is the first of thousands of plants he has ever grown, and he continues to expand his organisation by spreading love to everyone.

  • Olivia Wilson - Bread and Roses

    Olivia Wilson - Bread and Roses

    Olivia is a flower grower and florist who found a way to use floristry as a tool for social good co-founding Bread and Roses in 2016. Bread and Roses is a charity that runs floristry training programmes for refugee and asylum seeking women, harnessing the well documented therapeutic benefits of working with flowers to improve wellbeing, help build confidence and increase integration.

  • Frances Floral Angels

    Frances Floral Angels

    I did my floristry training at the Covent Garden Academy of flowers. I Decided not to follow a career in floristry but I still really wanted to work with flowers, So with two fellow students from my course we identified a need within for the floral industry to recycle the many flowers from events in London for good purpose . In 2013 Floral Angels was founded. The charity soon gained recognition amongst many florists in London and beyond who also wanted to cut down on waste, something their clients also wishes for.
    We were given premises first at the ‘old’ flower market by CGMA and then when the market moved we were kindly given a space By Pinstripes and Peonies in their studio at the new flower market.
    The charity has gone from strength to strength gaining volunteers and delivering over 25,000of bouquets to care homes, hospices and other deserving recipients. In 2016 we were honoured when HRH The Duchess of Cornwall became our Patron.
    Sadly in March 2020, like many others we had to temporarily suspend our work. Hopefully as restrictions are relaxed we will soon be back up and running again.