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Secret Garden Visit: Private Garden at Petworth House, Sussex

A rare opportunity to spend a day in the private garden at Petworth House. This visit is part of our Secret Garden Visits fundraiser to raise urgently needed funds to save the Garden Museum from the impact of the coronavirus.

The six acre private walled garden at Petworth House in Sussex is rarely open to the public. Next to the Capability Brown landscaped park and behind 12 foot high brick walls lies the kitchen garden, made in the 18th century garden and later in the early 20th century became well known under Petworth’s head gardener and early radio broadcaster Fred Streeter and a workforce of 30 gardeners.

By the 1970s when Caroline Egremont came to live at Petworth House much of this garden had been abandoned and turned into horse paddocks. Over 40 years Lady Egremont has transformed the garden into a series of enclosures linked by arched walks and bound by yew hedges, pergolas and Sussex oak fencing to make wide borders, green walks, rose trellises, an orchard and ornamental kitchen garden.

Described by Non Morris in Country Life as “a space with a sense of privacy and intimacy at one of Britain’s great houses”, the Petworth private gardens are secluded and exquisite: read the article

Guests will be invited to bring a picnic lunch and wander round the gardens at their leisure. A full address for the garden will be provided to the buyer, along with the contact details of the garden owner so you can arrange parking and timings.

We are so grateful to The Lord and Lady Egremont, a Trustee of the Museum, for opening their private garden in support of the Museum’s fundraising.

Image: Images courtesy of Lady Egremont