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Cooking Masterclass – Middle Eastern Brunch Feast with Melek Erdal

Come and join Melek Erdal in the learning studio for a fun 3 hour hands on cooking masterclass full of Middle Eastern Flavours.

In this cooking class you will explore the wonders and joys of a great brunch, which has in recent years become a popular option when eating out.  This class will explore how it can be a great alternative to inviting guests over for dinner. The class will demonstrate how easily you can create a capture your friends hearts, eyes and stomachs; making beautiful, tasty food that is also healthy.

Breakfast is important in Middle Eastern cultures, and the most important meal to bring family together.  Melek will explore why this has come about and tell you stories behind the dishes, whilst teaching you classics such as Shakshuka and menemen as well as baked treats like spinach and feta Rose boreks, and tahini, cinnamon and banana filo rolls.  You will have a good Kurdish tea to start the morning and enjoy a packed class of recipes.  In the class you will talk through and explore how to construct flavours and build a meal without being constricted by recipes. You will come together at the end of the class to eat all of your efforts and have lots to take home.

The class will include:

  • Learning to cook ‘by eye’ without measurements, putting trust in your palette and tasting as you go along
  • Understanding how to use a variety of spices and vegetables, adapting a recipe according to the season
  • Understanding how to construct layers of flavour and texture without relying on recipes
  • Exploring healthy, tasty and easy bakes using filo and flatbreads
  • Cooking for large groups without fear
  • A delicious brunch and recipes to take home
  • Making Shakshuka the right way!

Sample Recipes;
Shakshuka and Green Shakshuka
Seasonal easy baked Fruit compote
Spinach and feta filo pastries
Tahini, cinnamon and banana buns
Breakfast salads
Aubergine on hummus

Open to all levels of skills and interests. This class is suitable for Adults 16 and over.

  • Melek Erdal

    Melek Erdal

    Melek is a cook, cookery teacher and writer, inspired by flavours from her Kurdish heritage and the wider Middle East and Mediterranean, as well where she grew up in the culturally diverse East London.  Following founding and running her own cafe in Dalston, Melek has moved on to focus on community projects, teaching healthy cooking, catering for events and writing about food and culture; exploring how food tells a story and has the power to connect people..

    In classes and through her food she shows that good food is accessible and easy to make once you can understand the basics of layering flavours and textures, and how to utilise good ingredients.

    Instagram: @mels_place_east