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Living Medicine | Seasonal Self Care Spring

What effect do seasons and their rhythms have on our health? What opportunities do nature’s gardens and green spaces offer us as nourishment and healing across the year?

Spring | Shoot
Character of the season:
youth, promise, lengthening daylight, widening choices
Food:  warm, pungent, nourishing, filling, storing, immune protecting
Health: cleanse, stimulate, nourish
Remedies:  chilli muscle cream/circulatory stimulant,  protective throat spray
Recipes: chickweed, dandelion, mustards/watercress, wild garlic pesto
Drinks:  spring tonic of cleavers cold infusion, mint/lemon balm/ginger long-infused tea

Plant medicine practitioner and Root to Stem author Alex Laird will reveal in a series of four workshops – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring – how we can be creative with seasonal foods, herbs and wild plants through simple kitchen remedies and recipes.

Alex will demonstrate a host of ways to widen our intake of therapeutic phytonutrients to address everyday ailments and promote healthy resilience  – and above all, take pleasure in the experience of reciprocity with the rest of nature.

This workshop is part of a series of four workshops in collaboration between Living Medicine and the Garden Museum. These workshops stand alone and attendance to all four is not required – though it is welcomed!

In these season-inspired workshops, Alex will take you through the process of creating the recipes and remedies in bold below, identifying plants at different stages of their growth and their beneficial properties and you will create your own edible treat, remedy or tea with plants easily grown or foraged.
Each workshop comes with its own handout with many more recipes to try at home.