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Landscape Learn at the Garden Museum: Right of Way

Mid-winter, we will hold three Tuesday evening events to focus on Right of Way, Critical Infrastructure and The Taxonomy of Language. A right of way is fundamental to how we appreciate, stretch out and journey across the landscape on ancient routes and bye-ways, following well-trodden paths and desire lines. Critical infrastructure is that which is deemed critical to the survival of civilisation; democracy and topsoil. Rapidly we need to relearn what was natural to our ancestors, better appreciate the web of life, how everything hangs together in the ‘balanced nature of nature’. Language is our complex system of communication, implied and explicit. We categorise, encode, and abbreviate in direct and ambiguous styles in a spectrum of mini language forms that can inspire, inform, or exclude. Language is human expression and the foundation of the learning process.


13th February 2018

Johanna Gibbons, Partner J & L Gibbons – A Right of Way

Sarah Blee, Artist – Desire Line

Dr Tereza Stehlikova, Royal College of Art Artist film maker

Liza Fior, Partner muf architecture / art – High Street

Neil Davidson, Partner J & L Gibbons – Holloways and Byways

Other talks in the series:

Critical Infrastructure – 20th February

Taxonomy of Language – 27th February

Landscape Learn

Landscape Learn is a social enterprise established by J & L Gibbons Landscape Architects. It is growing into a real-time and online platform to support learning and engagement with the landscape around us. Open to students, professionals and communities, and seasonally themed, we curate across the disciplines, networking landscape experts. We provide a dynamic view of the beauty and complexities of the environment around us. We hope to provoke a deeper relationship with the landscape we inhabit, through an immersive approach to learning in the field, online and in various host spaces. This time we are delighted that Landscape Learn will be hosted by the Garden Museum in the new Clore Learning Space overlooking the courtyard garden designed by Dan Pearson.

Image: J&L Gibbons