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Landscape Learn at the Garden Museum: Autumn Colour

In October, three Wednesday evening events will focus on Autumn Colour, Liquid Assets and Taking Care with expert and diverse speakers across the arts, engineering, and natural resource management. This session will explore colour relationships and the movement of colour, seen and unseen in the context of nature and the chemistry of autumn colour in forest trees.


Kate Blee, Artist

Vinita Khanna Hassard, Artist

Johanna Gibbons and Neil Davidson – Landscape Architects, J & L Gibbons and Landscape Learn

Other talks in the series:

Liquid Assets

Celebrating urban water, discussing resource management, the cultural and engineering assets of the past and what could be the future in London.

Taking Care

The third Landscape Learn event invites custodians of some of our most complex, fascinating and loved London landscapes to talk about community participation and the underlying inspiration behind these important spaces.

Landscape Learn

Landscape Learn is a social enterprise established by J & L Gibbons Landscape Architects. It is growing into a real-time and online platform to support learning and engagement with the landscape around us. Open to students, professionals and communities, and seasonally themed, we curate across the disciplines, networking landscape experts. We provide a dynamic view of the beauty and complexities of the environment around us. We hope to provoke a deeper relationship with the landscape we inhabit, through an immersive approach to earning in the field, on line and in various host spaces. This time we are delighted that Landscape Learn will be hosted by the Garden Museum in the new Clore Learning Space overlooking the courtyard garden designed by Dan Pearson.