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Cooking Masterclass | Roses & Rose Water with Melek Erdal

Join Melek Erdal in the learning studio for a fun 3 hour hands on cooking masterclass learning how to cook with roses and rose water via the flavours of Istanbul.

Inspired by the Garden Museum’s forthcoming exhibition ‘Wild & Cultivated: Fashioning the Rose’ this sweet masterclass with chef and food writer Melek Erdal will explore the use of flavouring desserts with rose and rose water in Middle Eastern cuisine

Dried Roses

Melek believes food is about celebrating life and connecting with people. In this class she’ll show you how to cook beautiful Middle Eastern sweet dishes flavoured with rose – food to delight the eyes, hearts and stomachs of your guests, and will also tell you the stories and traditions behind each recipe.

Learn how to make phyllo pastry recipes such as rose water infused syrup baklavas with almonds, walnuts or pistachio shaped a variety of ways, kataifi with rose water and sour cherry, plus Rose petal jam which is synonymous with Istanbul. At the end of the class you’ll sample or take home everything you’ve made.

This class is a combination of hands on and demo by Melek.

Sample Recipes (to be confirmed)
Rose water infused syrup baklavas
Kataifi with rose water and sour cherry
Rose petal jam from Istanbul

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Open to all levels of skills and interests. This class is suitable for Adults 16 and over.

*This class is part of our hands-on monthly masterclass cooking sessions, which focus on specialist topics or advanced cooking techniques.  Sessions are usually on Sunday and held in the Garden Museum’s food learning studio. Each class is 3 hours, and will include tastings or a full meal eaten together depending on the course.

Photo by Tara Fisher

  • Melek Erdal

    Melek Erdal

    Melek is a cook, cookery teacher and writer, inspired by flavours from her Kurdish heritage and the wider Middle East and Mediterranean, as well where she grew up in the culturally diverse East London.  Following founding and running her own cafe in Dalston, Melek has moved on to focus on community projects, teaching healthy cooking, catering for events and writing about food and culture; exploring how food tells a story and has the power to connect people..

    In classes and through her food she shows that good food is accessible and easy to make once you can understand the basics of layering flavours and textures, and how to utilise good ingredients.

    Instagram: @mels_place_east

Image: @mels_place_east