Trick or Treat


My son is at an age (13) when ‘Let’s go trick or treating?’ is met with a roll of eyes. ‘That’s for kids’. As if he has no connection to any human being under the age of twelve, including himself.

But this year’s Halloween surprise at the Museum is a gift from two Patrons, Peter and Renate Nahum: gardeners, travellers, and collectors. Peter, a very clever art dealer, is still hailed by cabbies after his years as an expert on The Antiques Roadshow.

It’s a weather vane in the form of a man pushing a pumpkin, and caught the Nahums’ eye at a market in south-west France as a present for the Museum.

And the pumpkin follows the gift of a cabbage to our patch: the still life by Cedric Morris, presented to the Museum by Peter under the government’s Cultural Gifts Scheme (and to go on show in our exhibition on the artist in the spring of 2018).

 The weather vane will be at home in the new galleries: objects which combine the practical with the whimsical always make a visiting gardener smile. But the airport it caused a grimace, Renate explains: it was judged a ‘dangerous weapon’ and had to be put in the hold at an extra cost of 40 Euros. 

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